The doll comes in both genders, and both light & dark skin tones. Everybody poops…so everybody needs a doll they can identify with.

No. We figured that you didn’t need another mess to clean up.

Yes. Since your child and the Tot are going potty together, having the same body parts makes the visit more realistic.

Yes.  We hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

No, the Pot does not flush. Instead, it stores Activity Reward Cards.

No.  Pretend play is unplugged and powered by imagination.

20 Activity Reward Cards come with each Tot on the Pot. Additional Activity Reward Cards will be available on our website.

Tot on the Pot was created to SIMPLIFY potty training for parents and make it super fun for kids.  If you need anything at all, they will be every day items found in your home (e.g. toilet paper, socks, etc.).

Tot on the Pot is an all-inclusive potty training solution and is sold as a set. At this time, except for additional Activity Reward Cards, individual components will not be available for purchase separately .

Yes, pediatricians love us! They see the value in simplifying the potty training process for parents and making it smoother for kids.


The Parent’s Guide includes guidance entitled ‘Some Extra Love’ to accommodate the unique potty training requirements for children with developmental delays. Poop doesn’t differentiate between kids…and neither do we.

All of our activities can be modified or adjusted to fit your needs. Since the primary ingredient is imagination, you have the ability to shape them in whatever way works best.


Safety is our first, second and third priority. Tot on the Pot conforms to all US Toy Safety guidelines (ASTM F963) and Canadian Hazardous Products (Toys) Regulations.  But that’s not all.  We go over and above toy testing requirements to have every batch of our product tested by an independent laboratory pre-approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.


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We’re gearing up to launch in Autumn of 2017!