Elbow-deep in a dirty diaper, every parent has asked themselves: How do I potty train my child? When should I start? How long will it take? WHAT DO I DO?

Parents have had to answer each one of these questions on their own.  And that’s not easy! But it is exactly why we created Tot on the Pot.  When we say it’s all-inclusive, we mean that it provides you with everything you need to answer each one of these questions:

Play Based Potty Training System

How do I potty train my child? When should I start?

The Parent’s Guide takes the guesswork out of potty training.  It explains when to start and provides clear step-by-step instruction to get you all the way to the finish line.

How do I teach my child how to use the toilet?

The Children’s Book shows your toddler the potty routine in a fun, whimsical way.  It explains pee.  It explains poop. And it does so in a way that will make them curious and excited about learning to use the potty.

How do I get them to actually drop their toys and come to the potty?

Going potty with the Tot doll means the fun doesn’t have to stop at the bathroom door.  Tot on the Pot uses play-based learning so that your kids never have to drop their toys.

How do I make them want to keep coming back?

The key to our Activity Reward cards are the anticipation that they build each time your child successfully goes potty. Exciting role-plays and challenges, and all the fun that goes with them, will have your toddler thrilled to go back to the potty to find out what the next surprise reward will be.