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What is Tot on the Pot?

Tot on the Pot is a play-based Potty Training solution that simplifies the process for parents and makes it super fun for kids.


Step by step instructions for you.
A fun, whimsical narrative for
your toddler.


Teaching your toddler
to use the potty
through pretend play.


Surprise activities
that celebrate
your toddlers success.

Why Tot on the Pot?


Potty Training just got easier.  We’ve eliminated the burden of ‘figuring it all out’ by giving parents everything they need.


Rewards that create a fun opportunity to celebrate and giggle with parents.  No more candy, TV time, purchased gifts or the negative habits they form.


Kids love using dolls to teach, demonstrate, role play and have an audience.  Conquering the potty with a partner is entertaining AND empowering.

Imaginative Play

Imaginative/pretend play is known for its cognitive and motor skill benefits…and it happens to be at the core of the Tot on the Pot system.

Pediatrician- Recommended

Pediatricians agree that our play-based model makes potty training easier for both parents and children…and that’s why they recommend us!

What’s in the Box?


No more scouring the internet for hours looking up random tips! You’ll know everything you need to know by the time you finish your cup of coffee.


A fun and colorful narrative that informs and entertains your toddler through tales of pee, poop and the potty.


Engage your toddler’s imagination and the joys of companionship by giving them a true partner in poop.


No toddler wants to stop playing to go to the potty. Now yours doesn’t have to.


Fun, imaginative activities that reward your toddler and make them excited about coming back to the potty.

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning.
But for children, play is serious learning.”

–Mister Rogers